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Locking up cows!

Thanks to the generosity of Toronto Zoo, we have been able to complete our FOURTH predator-proof livestock corral along the forest edge in the Leuser Ecosystem in North Sumatra. Corrals are constructed by the Sumatran Ranger Project team alongside locals from the receiving community and typically are built within a few days. We use locally sourced bamboo as well as barbed wire to ensure Sumatran tigers cannot enter the corral. This corral was constructed 2km from the forest and provides a safe overnight housing solution for up to 40 cows. We hope to build a further 3 corrals in the coming 12 months as they appear to be a cost effective solution to prevent livestock being grazed against the national park and putting them at risk of predation to tigers. The loss of single cow represents a significant loss of income to families and the solution we provide benefits not only the community but tigers too! At this stage there has been no further loss of livestock to tigers within the communities we have built livestock corrals in. Follow us on Instagram to see the construction of the next corral.


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