Community Support

All the forest edge communities we work in and near along the Leuser Ecosystem are impoverished and rely on some form of illegal or harmful activity to help provide or supplement income. Through community engagement sessions as part of monthly patrols, our team has formed long lasting and positive relationships with the communities and where practical and possible, we provide additional support that has benefits that reach throughout the community. Examples include providing fruit trees for a school, fencing around the same school, school supplies to a different school in another community after learning the locals set snares to help pay for school supplies, and predator compensation for loss of livestock. We provide mobile phones to growers and farmers alongside the National Park, to try and reduce retalitory snares and purposeful injury of wildlife such as elephants and orangutans. The phones are provided with the expectation that locals will call our team to help mitigate human-wildlife conflict events instead of dealing with them in a way that harms wildlife.

Sumatran Ranger Project also supports communities through the Days for Girls program - transporting and donating (on behalf of) re-usable feminine hygiene kits to women and girls to help keep them in work and school and ensure less waste ends up in waterways. 

We are now working with MODIBODI to provide reusable period underwear to these communities, which require significantly fewer resources to make and distribute to these remote communities. To participate in their giving program and help the women and girls in the Leuser Ecosystem, visit MODIBODI