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C O R R A L E I G H T !

Sumatran Ranger Project hosted a group of conservation volunteers in May 2023 to construct our eighth predator-proof livestock corral in North Sumatra. This corral was built in response to predation of a cow by a Sumatran tiger and will benefit up to 5 families, and 30-40 cows. This corral provides a safe alternative to grazing cows within oil palm plantations that border the Gunung Leuser National Park. We make sure to build them a minimum of 3km away from the forest to reduce the likelihood of a tiger coming near. Over a week this incredibly hard working group of zookeepers and rangers from New Zealand and Australia worked alongside SRP rangers to dig holes (many by hand and with very basic tools), erect fence posts, cut bamboo (and make it into a raft to sail down the river to get to our build site), nail bamboo (so itchy!) and finally, string barbed wire around the entire corral. This was hard, hot work, but extremely rewarding to see cows safe within the finished product. We will likely run a similar trip in 2024 so get in touch via if you are interested.


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