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Education Support

Sumatran Ranger Project supports local education initiatives in North Sumatra wherever possible. SOBAN was developed by Gunung Leuser National Park ranger Jhon, to provide free conservation and English lessons for children in his community of Bohorok. Jhon originally funded the teachers' salaries himself and recently SRP funded the school for 12 months and provided a laptop, projector and educational supplies. 


Thanks to Seaworld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, we also provided funding for 100 local kids per month for 12 months to go into the forest to support their classroom learning. Because of the National Park entrance fee most children who live on the edge of the forest can't afford to go in and have never seen an orangutan. Some adults too!


Additionally, SRP funded botanical interpretation signs within the Gunung Leuser National Park to further support not only the children's learning but local guides and tourists as well.

In addition to SOBAN school, Sumatran Ranger Project has supported a school in Batu Rongring, with the provision and planting of 50 fruit trees and a perimeter fence to keep livestock out, as well as providing school supplies. We have also started supporting a primary school in the village of Gelugur, where villagers say they set snares to help pay for school supplies like shoes, bags and books. 

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