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Curling for Conservation!

Zookeepers at Toronto Zoo in Ontario, Canada recently held their annual curling tournament fundraiser, in support of Sumatran Ranger Project. 16 teams attended this year, making it their most successful year yet. Curling is a popular sport in Canada and after three hours of dress-up curling competition, the teams held a silent auction, raffle a toonie toss (this apparently involves all players throwing $2 coins at a bottle of liquor and the closest one wins), followed by dinner and a live band. This year's fundraising efforts also included the sale of T shirts which we are told were a big hit. The Toronto team raised over $4000 Canadian - a huge contribution and an impressive effort for one evening.

This is an outstanding effort by a committed and passionate group of dedicated zookeepers, supporting a conservation program across the globe. We are so very grateful to Toronto Zoo's keepers and their unwavering support of our team. Here are some fun images of their amazing evening. Huge thanks to Elise Swann and Sarah Stata for continuing to keep Sumatran Ranger Project as a chosen priority for fundraising.

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