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Our patrol team has been busy engaging in a number of professional development opportunities recently. Head ranger Jack, is currently attending a human-elephant conflict mitigation workshop in Jambi province, run by the Frankfurt Zoological Society near Bukit Tigapuluh National Park. The week-long workshop demonstrated methods of managing elephants around community gardens and plantations and discussed ways of collaborating with other NGOs engaging in elephant conflict management. Here are some images of Jack learning radio telemetry skills and how to manage elephant conflict with electric fencing. Sumatran elephants are critically endangered and The Sumatran Ranger Project patrol team regularly follow a herd of 14 elephants that live mostly outside the National Park in the buffer zone, where they frequently enter community gardens and come into conflict with humans. We are working hard on developing long term planning about how to help this herd and this workshop is one step towards this. Huge thanks to Frankfurt Zoological Society for hosting Jack.

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