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The Sumatran Ranger Project was invited to attend a conservation festival held in Bukit Lawang recently, called 'Orang U Can'. The three day workshop coordinated by the Bukit Lawang Community Trust, hosted NGOs and community groups from around the area and focused on bringing these groups together to improve collaborative opportunities that benefit the environment. Our team was invited to speak and attend a round-table discussion with other NGOs. The festival engaged with local education, sustainability and conservation initiatives, to share their work and ideas with the community. With messages like reducing plastic use, ecological awareness, environmental pollution, sustainable farming and eating cleanly, the aim is to join local communities, volunteers, NGOs, professionals and passionate people together to build powerful and productive eco-projects that benefit the environment and the community. Feedback was that this was a very successful workshop and we must acknowledge the hard work of the Bukit Lawang Trust and volunteers in bringing this important community event to life. Follow on Instagram @bukitlawangtrust

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