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Alternative Livelihoods

Every community The Sumatran Ranger Project patrols in is impoverished, engaging in harmful and illegal activity in and along the forest border. Their agricultural livelihoods are at daily risk from crop raiding wildlife due to their proximity to the National Park, and an entire years' income can be lost in a single night to elephants.

There are few alternatives in this area of the Leuser Ecosystem other than working in the destructive oil palm plantations that border and often encroach into, the Gunung Leuser National Park and communities. Through regular community engagement sessions our ranger team helps these communities identify sustainable alternatives that have long term viability and working with the locals to develop seed ideas into productive income-earners. Examples of recent programs we have helped implement include the beginnings of eco-tourism, a snare-wire handicraft scheme, camera trapping program and bracelet craft. TRAVEL into the Leuser Ecosystem with RAW WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS, witnessing these communities and the wildlife, firsthand. 

UPDATE APRIL 2022: All travel to Indonesia is currently on hold until further notice. When it is safe to travel again there will be opportunities to visit these communities and witness the rangers and crafters in action. 

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