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The Forest Edge

The Gunung Leuser National Park is a protected area within the Leuser Ecosystem that has its own teams of rangers to protect the forest within. The forest edge is where communities settle and the interface of significant human-wildlife conflict occurs. There is increasing pressure on wildlife to find food and safe corridors and they often venture out of the forest and into plantations and communities that have settled against the border of the National Park with no buffer zone in between. Livestock are grazed in oil palm plantations that exist both legally and illegally immediately against the forest border. This is an easy opportunity for Sumatran tigers to take livestock, and they may then be persecuted in retaliation. Sumatran elephants frequent the forest edge as their remaining habitat diminishes, and regularly feed on crops. Sumatran orangutans come into community gardens to eat durian fruit, an important income source for these poverty-stricken communities, and they too may be the subject of retaliatory attacks. Sumatran Ranger Project plays a vital role in helping to maintain a safe and productive environment for the people living along the forest edge as well as helping ensure wildlife can pass through safely without negative consequences. 

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