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World Female Ranger Week 

Supporting Women Saving Biodiversity

June 23 - 30, 2023


"World Female Ranger week amplifies the voices of female rangers around the world to support their impactful work; Protecting wildlife, empowering women and uplifting communities" - 

Our Rangers

Eli, Pera, and Pera are part of a wider global female ranger movement; challenging cultural norms and stereotypes and exceeding alongside their male counterparts. These three incredible, bold women are part of a team of 11 rangers with Sumatran Ranger Project. In order to better protect wildlife, support communities, and tackle climate change we need empowered women like these three. World Ranger Week is a global awareness week to celebrate and support female wildlife rangers on a global platform. Like many others worldwide, our women are transforming attitudes around the role of women and their place in conservation, showing they are capable, successful, and strong. Less than 11% of the global wildlife ranger workforce is female and we are proud to have an inclusive and diverse team that we hope will grow in the future. Thank you for your work Eli, Pera, and Pera! 


Pera measuring ele dung.jpeg
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